Composite Decking Myth Busting


Busting the myths of the wood vs. composite decking debate. Which is best? Which lasts longer? Which is easier to maintain?

Myths about composite decking

We are all exposed to marketing information and driven to make decisions! Composite decking manufacturers and retailers want us to choose their products and will entice us in various different ways: specification, price, eco friendliness, reputation and buying power.

We want you to be able to make an informed decision on whether you purchase composite decking. We do our very best to be impartial (even though we love composite decking and its amazing features). Why not read some of the articles below and bust the myths about the wood vs. composite decking debate?

Myths about composite decking


If you’re looking for a low maintenance deck at a great price then composite is the way to go. It’s possible that you require the traditional finish and grain pattern of hardwood or softwood decking. Hardwood lasts longer and costs far more. Softwood is lower cost but has a significant upkeep. Only you can decide based on your budget and decking application.