Planning Your Deck


We offer some simple but important advice about planning your deck for you (and your family).

Planning for an amazing decking area

A deck is essentially an open-air extension of your living space. Free-standing or attached to a house wall, decking creates a space that’s ideal for outdoor entertaining, as a play area for the kids or simply somewhere to relax outdoors.

It also offers an inspired solution to common garden problems such as slopes, or spots where the grass won’t grow. The great thing about decking an outside garden or area, is that you can extend, change or adapt it without too much hassle or painstaking work.

And you don’t need to be a specialist carpenter or builder to install a deck – a few power tools, a basic tool kit and some woodworking skills are needed, so in most instances you can undertake the work yourself. Just be sure to plan carefully and check all your measurements, both at the planning stage and as you build. Having help is always advisable as a second pair of hands.

Planning for an amazing decking area


Your deck will be with you for many years. It’s worth planning ahead and making sketches and measurements so you can order the correct amount of decking. You should also be aware of current planning regulations in your area and any building regulations that are required. Above all, once your deck is completed, just enjoy it!

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