Tools for Composite Deck Building


Tools and safety gear are all important but always start by measuring and planning your composite deck.

Composite deck building tools

Building a new decked area? Any construction project calls for some basic tools that make life easier.

This checklist can help you decide whether you can save money on a do-it-yourself effort. Its advisable to do your research first however, as you may not need all of these tools, you will also need to ensure health and safety recommendations are adhered to.

If you’re starting from scratch or you’re a brand new homeowner who wants to take on home improvement project, these tools will come in handy for future projects – but of course its always worth checking with friends and neighbours if you can borrow tools (this will save you money). Some of these tools may not be necessary for your deck project. Not every deck project requires working with cement, for example.

Composite deck building tools


This set of basic tools will get you started when deck building. There are few more things you will need that are illustrated in the sections below. Click to find out more Click on any image to find out more.

  • Assorted screwdrivers
  • Pencil and Sharpie
  • Tape measure
  • Fine toothed hand saw
  • Spirit level
  • Angle measuring tools
Screwdriver set
Pencil and Sharpie
Tape measure
Fine tooth saw for cutting composite decking
Spirit level
Angle measuring tools


Safety is often overlooked when working on DIY projects at home. We can’t stress enough how important it is to get some basic gear for your protection. Our recommended minimum requirements are safety glasses or goggles, a dust mask, sturdy footwear and a first aid kit. Click to find out more Click on any image to find out more.

  • Safety eyewear
  • Dust mask
  • Safety boots or shoes
  • First aid kit
  • Ear plugs or defenders
  • High visibility vest
  • Safety gloves
Safety glasses for deck installation
Dust mask
Safety boots for decking work
First aid kit for diy
Ear plugs
High visibility safety vest
Safety gloves


Power tools do speed up the process of deck fitting. You might already have some in your tool vault. Keep in mind that power tools can be bought quite cheaply but you get what you pay for. If you think you’re going to use them again then spend a little more on a mid range tool (Makita, DeWalt, Bosch and Lidl/Parkside all make good entry level tools). It goes without saying that you should take care with power tools, especially power saws. Click to find out more Click on any image to find out more.

  • Cordless drill (18v is ideal)
  • Power drill bit / screwdriver set
  • Orbital sander
  • Corded jigsaw
  • Chop or mitre saw
  • Circular saw
  • Extension reel
Power drill for composite decking
Orbital sander
Corded jigsaw
Mitre saw for cutting composite decking
Circular saw for cutting composite decking
Extension reel


Finally, you will need your decking and ancillary items for securing, building and finishing. Click to find out more Click on any image to find out more.

  • Composite decking of your choice
  • Balustrades
  • T clips and screws
  • Composite joists
  • Trims and caps
  • Joist nails (optional)
  • Rawl plugs (or concrete anchors)
  • A basic plan with measurements
Composite decking choice
Composite balustrade post and base
Composite decking T clips and stainless steel screws
Composite joist
Composite decking trims
Joist nails
Rawl plugs
Decking sketch